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How to request a new password

How to request a new password if you forget yours:
The password that you have chosen while registering is not visible on our database, therefore we cannot give it to you on the phone.
If you forget your password, you can request a provisional one through the appropriate form.
You can find the for on the login page in the section Picture Archive, Orders and Account and at the top of the Home Page (see picture below).
Insert your email, the secure code and click on Send Request.
Check your email soon after, in the message received from DSphoto, you will find your provisional password. Copy it, come back on our website copy and paste in the password and login.
Once you have entered our website you can choose a new password in the form Orders and Accounts – Edit User, finally click on Update Profile.
Info: The secure code (Captcha Code) is a solution to stop spam from automatic systems. We use it to recognize that who types is a person and not a computer who operates in automatic.


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