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How to use our website at its best

Our wesite is rich of many functions, products, calendars, gadget, services and new ideas,

However, the most important service is dedicated to the choice, to the management and the purchase of the immages.

Many years of experience, your suggestions and new technologies have allowed us to reach advanced solutions to make your stay on our website quick, agile and plesurable.

You will find the Selections Box particularly effective and innovative.

What’s the Selections Box? It is a space dedicated to the selection of all your pictures.

In this space we will "park” or "save” all the speciments that you will select from all the different folders, so you will be able to see all the pictures at once, made them bigger with the effective function of your "mouse over”, make a comparison, delite the one you don’t like, make a choice more efficent.

The mouse over is an automatic function that enlarges the immages simply by hovering the mouse on the image without the use of the annoying "click” to opent them.

How do we use it? It is simpler to try it than to explain it. Anyway:

Choose the show that you are interested in browsing within the many folders. Once you reached the speciments click on the ones you are interested in (don’t worry too much if you can’t see them clearly or if you are not sure that the speciments is the one you want… you can always delit it later on)

All the chosen speciments will move to "the selection box” and there they will stay waiting. Repeat the transaction choosing other categories or dates or shows and cliccking on all the speciments you want. At the end of your reserch open the "Selection Box” (it is a strip that you can find at the bottom of your speciments).

Now from the "Selection Box” you can see all the pictures you’ve chosen. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

NOTE: Adding pictures to the "Selection Box” doesn’t mean that you are buying them but you are ONLY putting the aside.

If you hover your mouse on the pictures they will enlarge instantly doing so you can eliminate the ones that you don’t like until you’ll have a selection ad hoc.

Once you have done your rigorous selection it is time to choose your product to associate to the immages. Cliccking on each one you will open the products pop up.

Here you can associate to each immage an enlargment, a digital picture, a puzzle and a gadget cliccking on "+” of the chosen product. To add more copies click on "+”

To decrease o reset them click on "-" then give the OK and go back to the "Selection Box”.

Going back to the "Selection Box” you will notice that the pictures you have chosen and associated to a product will have now a pale blue frame;

This will indicate that the picture has been chosen BUT NOT BOUGHT YET.

To carry on with your purchase you have to go from the "Selection Box” to your shopping cart using the special button.

In the shopping cart you can review and check your order, YOU CAN DELET IT, change it or carry on to the payment choosing within the different options.

If everything is OK click on " Order Confirm”. The "Selection Box” will stay active with all your pictures inside until you will logout from our website or you will close your browser.

We will advice you to try it, it’s fun and it’s free.

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