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How to use our free bonus

The bonus are coupons that our operators might offer you when you buy a certain number of pictures. The bonus will give you gifts or discounts according to what type you get offered. The most popular coupon that gets offered is the one associated with a free digital picture but in the future we will offer different types of coupons.

Ho do I use it?

Choose your picture (one for each bonus you may have) and associate to it the product offered from the coupon, in this case: "digital picture high resolution 2mb” ( clicking on the sign +) give the OK. From the "Selection Box” go to your shopping cart click on the link "HAVE YOU GOT ONE OR MORE FREE CODES? Click here”.
In the pop up window enter your free code and give the OK.
Repeat the transaction if you have more free codes.
If your transaction is right the amount to pay in your shopping cart will be zero.
Confirm your purchase. In this new version you can use more than one bonus in one purchase.
Below some illustration to explain


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